The Long View

In this episode of The Long View, Geof Gambill and I discuss the Victory Point Games title, Nemo’s War. What makes this solo game a unique experience? What does it offer that other solo games do not? How does this classic story’s theme come through in this game? What does the future hold for this title’s upcoming second edition? Find the answer to all of these questions and more in this episode.

As a bonus, we also review the new deck building game, Star Realms. See what might make this little game a fit for your collection. The review begins at time index 1:18:25. In addition, Geof reviews the new title from Rudiger Dorn, Istanbul. Is it worthy of it’s Kennerspiel nomination? Listen and find out! The review begins at time index 1:45:00.

As a final bonus, Geof is joined by Alan Emrich, president of Victory Point Games as he gives us news about the new edition of Nemo’s War, and a history of the growth of Victory Point. Find our how “The little game company that could” has changed through the years, and their vision for the future.

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