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Aliens vs. Zombies Review

(Aliens vs. Zombies by Victory Point Games)

PARSEC Deluxe Micro Review

(PARSEC Deluxe by Victory Point Games)

Swing States 2012 Review

(Swing States 2012 by Victory Point Games)

Zulus on the Ramparts Micro Review

(Zulus on the Ramparts by Victory Point Games)

Nemo’s War Review

(Nemo's War by Victory Point Games)

Army of Darkness Revisited

(Legions of Darkness by Victory Point Games) It's been "50 Videos" since I first did a Video Review of Legions of Darkness. I've written a review over on BoardGameGeek.com revisting the game and examining my feelings ...

Soviet Dawn Review

(Soviet Dawn by Victory Point Games)

Ottoman Sunset Review

(Ottoman Sunset by Victory Point Games)

Legions of Darkness Review

(Legions of Darkness by Victory Point Games) Intro and overview (00:00); gameplay overview (02:04); DotR experiment (11:29); final thoughts and review (11:50);

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