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Soviet Dawn Review

(Soviet Dawn by Victory Point Games)

Ottoman Sunset Review

(Ottoman Sunset by Victory Point Games)

Magnate Review

(Magnate by The Decktet) Intro (00:00); overview of Magnate (02:13); review (13:47); final thoughts on The Decktet (14:46);

Emu Ranchers Review

(Emu Ranchers by The Decktet) Intro (00:00); basic overview of the Decktet (02:41); overview of Emu Ranchers (05:37); final thoughts and review (11:35);

Die Burgen von Burgund Review

(Die Burgen von Burgund by alea) Intro (00:00); basic overview of the boards (02:07); detailed overview of player actions (04:03); tiles and tile placement ("the meat of the game") (11:41); final thoughts and review ...

Seeland Review

(Seeland by Ravensburger) Intro (00:00); basic gameplay concepts (01:12); overview of the marketplace (02:02); overview of tile placement and scoring your "Harvest" (05:20); betting your harvest score (10:56); overvi...

Lowenherz Review

(Löwenherz by Rio Grande Games) Intro (00:00); basic gameplay concepts (02:02); "Flow of Play" (03:37); detailed overview of region conflicts and scoring (11:30); final thoughts and review (16:59);

Yggdrasil Review

(Yggdrasil by Z-Man Games) Intro (00:00); overview of the board layout (01:00); basic gameplay overview (02:18); detailed overview of possible player actions (06:52); final thoughts and review (17:30);

Hansa Teutonica Review

(Hansa Teutonica by Z-Man Games) Intro (00:00); extended gameplay overview (01:49); final thoughts and review (17:10);

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