Review Policy

If you have a game, you would like reviewed, feel free to drop me a line using the email or BGG contact below. I apologize in advance, however my queue is extremely full and I will not be able to respond to everyone or review every game. I typically only review published and completed games.

As of January 1, 2017, I will ask a fee for creating a preview video for a prototype or game currently being crowd funded. I will need to preview the game beforehand to make sure it’s something I’m comfortable presenting and recommending to viewers. The video will be visibly marked as sponsored, so it’s clear to the viewer that money has changed hands. Typically, this kind of video requires at least 6 weeks lead time to get the rules reviewed in detail, the game played, and the video shot and edited.

Contact info:

Please feel free to send any inquiries or questions to:


or find me on BoardGameGeek as: eekamouse


  1. Hello , Joel my name is Stephen and I was curious after watching your videos for Eminent Domain and Core Worlds.
    My question is Which of these 3 games is your favorite
    Eminent Domain
    Core Worlds
    or Race for the Galaxy

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