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  1. Great Review! One thing to note when you say the Nazgul have never won the game… mechanically, they aren’t supposed to from what I’ve read in comments from the designer/publisher. The reason being is that you’ve only played the first part and the “full” game is playing the second half, where one side actually wins. So, technically, the hobbit side hasn’t won in your game either 🙂 If the Nazgul win part 1, there is no part 2 so it is likely heavily stacked against that from happening. I asked if you could play part 2 alone and just start with a preset setup but they said it didn’t work that way. My only hesitation with this game is the two-part game play- making for a long session or splitting into multiple sessions. It sounds like you’re having a blast with just part 1 though so it sounds like I’ll need to pick it up.

    1. Definitely. Ya I left some other clarifying comments on YouTube, BGG, etc.. You can definitely play just Part 1 if you bump the difficulty up. But, ya I was confused about playing just starting from Part 2.

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