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Just got back from a fantastic day of gaming for #TableTopDay at Uncle’s Games in Spokane Valley, Washington. The place was off the chain. They typically have a small Saturday “Board Game Day” every week, which myself and others in my core group have never attended. We usually meet on Thursdays at a member’s home. Weekends are just a horrible time for the “hobby” side of my gaming. Family and other responsibilities take the forefront.

However, my core group does do a “Library Day” one Saturday once a month, if not every other month. I think we are going to change our “Library Day” and move it over to Uncle’s. They did such a bang up job supporting #TableTopDay. I was honestly blown away by the atmosphere and enthusiasm that has permeated this day all around.

REALLY… BLOWN… AWAY. All day long, starting at noon and going until 10PM, there were fifty people in the shop at any given time. They provided free sandwiches and soda for everyone in the shop. They gave away a massive amount of games as prizes. They had several raffles, gaming trivia events throughout the day, and gave games to random “winners” who logged a play as a win. I was able to win a gift card and put it right back into the store for a second core set of X-Wing. The final prize was a new copy of Formula D. It kept things competitive, but not overly so. I don’t think I saw a single meltdown of any kind in that regard.

It makes my geek heart happy to be able to share and see all of the various things being shared on the internet about this day. There were several gamer types represented at Uncle’s today.

I saw everything from Pathfinder to Munchkin, Catan, King of Tokyo, Magic, Eclipse, Mage Wars, Puerto Rico, and too many others to list being played. It was a fusion of everything great about gaming.

Here’s a Geeklist of the day I posted over on

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