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  1. Heyo! Love the channel and our tastes in games are almost identical. That being said….

    There’s at least a small chance you’ve played a rule wrong in Mottainai that breaks the game. At least, my group did for 5 plays and came to the same conclusion as you before realizing it, and I know that MANY groups have had the same problem as it has been mentioned in forums on bgg. The rule is that when you CRAFT the card you build has to be the same color as the task that you are copying. So in order to craft a paper, you need to be copying a clerk. And when you use a clerk to build a paper building and the other players actually use it to clerk, the chances are really high that they are gaining far more points then you. Also, keep in mind that if one player just builds quickly and the other player clerks a couple cards, the chance is high that the player who clerked will destroy the other player.

    I get it, you’re probably playing it right and all that jazz.

    Also, it’s pretty much a 2 player game.
    We love it.

    Still, I probably like Glory to Rome more as I’d rather play with more players. But for me, this game is basically 2 player Glory to Rome. And Glory to Rome was definitely lacking in the 2 player category, so it’s perfect for me.

    Anyway, you probably don’t give a shit what I think. So toodles!

    LOVE the show.

    Your “Women in Gaming” rant was AWESOME

    1. We definitely played the crafting correctly in terms of the alternate action of the task. Definitely appreciate the feedback though Anson.

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