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  1. Congrats on 500!!!

    They are really doing something special with this app and like you say it has so much potential!

  2. I’ve always wanted Descent because it seemed to be the type of traditional, miniatures based, dungeon crawler game which I prefer. However, as a solo gamer, the necessity of an Overlord kept me from getting it. It seems that the app replaces the Overlord so that solo play would be possible. Would it be worth it to buy Descent just for solo play with the app?

    1. I talk a bit about that in the review, but it’s a tough call. Considering that the latest campaign is also free (which was not known at the time of the video), I would definitely say yes, especially since they have announced further campaigns coming in the future.

    2. Had the same problem. The app allowes for solo play, and it is really fun. Tutorial is easy to follow, but you will need to know the rules of the base game to play it. I recommend setting up the intro quest, and play both sides to learn the rules.

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