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Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Review

(Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft by Wizards of the Coast)

Soviet Dawn Review

(Soviet Dawn by Victory Point Games)

Ottoman Sunset Review

(Ottoman Sunset by Victory Point Games)

Yggdrasil Review

(Yggdrasil by Z-Man Games) Intro (00:00); overview of the board layout (01:00); basic gameplay overview (02:18); detailed overview of possible player actions (06:52); final thoughts and review (17:30);

Phantom Leader Review

(Phantom Leader by Dan Verssen Games (DVG)) Intro (00:00); I "blow smoke" for a while (00:50); "how board games are better than modern media" (3:36); gameplay and theme overview (4:34); final thoughts, review, and mo...

Legions of Darkness Review

(Legions of Darkness by Victory Point Games) Intro and overview (00:00); gameplay overview (02:04); DotR experiment (11:29); final thoughts and review (11:50);

Onirim Review

(Onirim by Z-Man Games) Intro(00:00); gameplay overview (01:53); missed gameplay portion (10:18); Explanation of first expansion (00:00); wrap-up and review (03:37);

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