2d6.org Live Blogging Gen Con 2012!

Gen Con! Woot!

This year 2d6.org and friends are heading to Gencon and you can participate! Throughout the show we will be uploading videos and impressions from the Indianapolis Convention Center. Keep checking back to this page for updated comments an videos from the various vendor booths and Board Game Library.

In addition to footage from the show floor, we’ve decided to unabashedly steal from Boardgame and Podcasting Guru, Scott Nicholson to bring you live in-play reviews of some of the newest games being showcased at the show. You can look forward to seeing our first impressions of this year’s most anticipated releases!

How can you participate?

First of all, just let us know what stuff you are interested in seeing from the show this year, and we will do our best to get some face time with games that are suggested.

If you are going to Gen Con, hook up with us for a game in the Board Game Library (or anywhere for that matter!) and you can share your impressions right along with us. Don’t be shy!

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