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Viticulture Review

(Viticulture by Stonemaier Games)

The Long View: Stefan Feld

The Long View In this special episode of The Long View, Geof and I examine the work of game designer Stefan Feld. Is Mr. Feld the shape of things to come? Can you learn to love your point salad? How do you feel abo...

Tenka Review

(Tenka by Victory Point Games)

Eight Minute Empire Review

(Eight Minute Empire by Red Raven Games)

The Walking Dead Card Game Review

(The Walking Dead Card Game by Cryptozoic Entertainment)

New Black List item: Quarantine

I've got a new item to add to my Black List: Check it out here Excerpt: Fast forward to my second play of the game. What a yawn fest this game is! After my first play, I was a bit suspicious, so we tried it again....

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