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Going Cardboard (and Shoot Out) Review… and a contest!!

There is also a contest to win a copy of the Going Cardboard documentary going on over on as well. Here is the link for details...

The Speicherstadt Review

(The Speicherstadt by Z-Man Games)

Condottiere Review

(Condottiere by Fantasy Flight Games)

PAX Review

(PAX by Irongames)

Rocket Jockey Review

(Rocket Jockey by Mayfair Games)

Last Will Review

(Last Will by Rio Grande Games)

Friday Review

(Friday by Rio Grande Games)

Walnut Grove Review

(Walnut Grove by Lookout Games)

Biblios Revisited

(Biblios by Iello) It's been "50 Videos" since I first did a Video Review of Biblios. I've written a review over on revisting the game and examining my feelings on the game after playing it more sinc...