Monthly Archives: June 2011

Rallyman Review

(Rallyman by Rally racing! (00:00); introduction (01:08); basic gameplay overview (1:32); some advanced gameplay concepts (7:54); final thoughts and review (12:49); Tilly comes alive! (13:26)

Legions of Darkness Review

(Legions of Darkness by Victory Point Games) Intro and overview (00:00); gameplay overview (02:04); DotR experiment (11:29); final thoughts and review (11:50);

Glen More Review

(Glen More by Rio Grande Games) Intro and "premise" (00:00); game-play and strategy basics (01:56); detailed description of the types of tiles (05:17); VERY brief overview of scoring (07:38); overview of economic int...

Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm Review

(RFTG: the Gathering Storm by Rio Grande Games) Intro and basic overview (00:00); setup overview and game-play basics (01:52); detailed description of "robot" abilities (06:08); final thoughts and review (12:42);

Famiglia Review

(Famiglia by Rio Grande Games) Intro and component overview (00:00); gameplay overview (02:04); description of card powers (06:26); final thoughts and review (10:20);

Onirim Review

(Onirim by Z-Man Games) Intro(00:00); gameplay overview (01:53); missed gameplay portion (10:18); Explanation of first expansion (00:00); wrap-up and review (03:37);